Take Action

We have had many enquiries about what to do when the notices go up on the trees you love. Here are some things you can do:

Talk to people in your area and raise awareness of what is happening.

Use the information provided on this site and the links to dispel myths and encourage people to take an interest in what’s happening to their trees.

Join the STAG group on Facebook for up to the minute information on whats happening with the campaign.

Get involved with upcoming events and debates.

Get involved with other local actions. There are existing groups in many local areas see the petitions page for a comprehensive list.

Attend any Council meetings like the Tree Forum, and make your voice heard.

Engage your Local Councillor and MP. Talk, e-mail, write. Hammer on their door.

Write to Streets Ahead streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk to ask for evidence based assessments on trees for felling, dig deep and find out exactly why the trees are going to be felled.

Post trees up for the chop on our tree map this helps us keep abreast of whats happening citywide.

Sign as many petitions on our petitions page as you can and please share with friends and family.

If there is not a change.org petition for your area then put one up online and share the heck out of it.

Collect good old signatures – you will get more signup for your petition by personal contact than by computer. SORT have 60% paper signup.

Leaflet and poster your community.

Organise your own events.

  • Name your trees.
  • Throw parties for them.
  • Decorate them.
  • Celebrate them while they are here.

Photos, please. Photos of healthy, threatened trees, photos of stumps and bare streets, photos of dying (or healthy) saplings. Share these on social media or failing that you can email them to us.

And when Amey comes: be ready. Stand in front of your tree. And when they come back (and they will), stand in front of it again.