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UPDATE 13th April 2017: Message from The Sad Squirrel ahead of next week’s (Tue 18th April 2017) Twitter Thunderclap



“Please help save Sheffield’s trees. Save my home. Save the lungs of the earth. Join the Thunderclap and make our message heard loud and clear. AMEY PLC & Sheffield City Council STOP CHOPPING DOWN OUR TREES! Please sign the petitions too.” #SaveSheffTrees

Many of the local campaigns have their own petition (as well as their own Facebook Groups) because each group petitions in their locality and it encourages people to get involved with their local campaigns.

In addition each time a petition hits 5000, that group gets to go and make two 3 minute presentations at Full Council, so far both SORT and Save Nether Edge trees have submitted petitions and so now our focus is on the Rivelin Valley Road Petition and more recently the Save Western Road Memorial Trees.

The issues in different areas of the city are the same so each time a local group goes to full council they represent the citywide campaign.

All the local tree groups are working together under the umbrella group STAG to highlight the same key issues and stop the unnecessary felling of our mature, large canopy trees.

Please sign and share widely.

All for One, One For All. Thank you!

The groups now working together under the STAG banner are:

STAG Sheffield Tree Action Groups Facebook

Save Western Road First World War Memorial Trees From Destruction

The trees on Western Road in Sheffield were planted to honour pupils of Westways School who gave their lives in the Great War.
Sheffield City Council plan to honour their memory in the Centenary of the Great War by destroying this Memorial and felling the trees. Independent arboricultural advice from leaders in the industry has confirmed that these trees have many years of useful life left if properly maintained. Facebook page.

Save Street Trees in Heeley, Meersbrook, Gleadless and Newfield Green Petition

In September 2014 Dave Dillner and other Heeley residents started campaigning to stop the felling of 129 mature trees to make way for a new bus lane in Heeley. They were triumphant and the plans were shelved. Before the injunction this area was hit by a number of fellings. Please show your support or join one of the groups public meetings. You can find out more via their Facebook group.

Save Rivelin Valley Road, Hillsborough & Wadsley trees

Rivelin Valley Road is the second longest avenue of Lime trees in the UK and the Council have prescribed 31 of these trees for the chop. Lead by Helen Davison you can find out more about their campaign and meetings via their Facebook group.

Save Ecclesall Road Trees 

A new addition to the STAG family this group is specifically set up to defend the beautiful majestic trees of Ecclesall Road. Join them on Facebook.

SORT (Save Our Roadside Trees) Petition

Rustlings Road was one of the first streets in the city to have felling notices attached to trees. These 12 trees line Rustlings road right next to Endcliffe Park, which is used by people all over the city as well as several local Schools who do not have their own playing fields. The petition which started as Save Our Rustlings Trees quickly became Save our Roadside Trees and with over 14500 supporters, this petition represents the city wide campaign. The depth and integrity of the SORT campaign has formed the foundation of the citywide tree campaign and it has grown from there. On the 17th November at 4.30am the Independent Tree Panel set up by SCC released their results stating 7 of the 8 trees still in question should be retained. By 5am Amey PLC has started felling the trees. Two pensioners were arrested for peacefully protesting.

Save Nether Edge Trees Petition

An area of Sheffield renowned for its beautiful tree lined avenues. Currently Nether Edge has 18 roads with condemned trees due for felling before March 2016. The Nether Edge Campaign submitted their petition and had it debated on Wednesday 3rd of February. The outcome was disappointing and Councillors were unwilling to consider points raised.

See the NE Trees at Risk Map here. You can also sign up to help for the Nether Edge campaign via their online form here Nether Edge campaign sign up. Or via their Facebook group.

Save the Trees in Greenhill petition

Greenhill has been one of the worst affected areas in the city so far and has lost may many of its roadside trees. Local residents lead by Debbie Elsdon worked hard to save their roadside trees. Sadly many roads have been stripped bare already but there are still some to fight for! You can offer your help via their Facebook page.

Save Dore, Totley and Bradway Trees petition

Dore residents have worked very hard to save their trees, decorating them with beautiful lights and getting a lot of media coverage and also turning Amey away when they came to fell. You can find out more and offer your help via their Facebook group.

Save the Norfolk Park 11

Save Norfolk Park Trees are campaigning to save 11 particular trees in the Norfolk Park area. Graham Wroe is co-ordinating the campaign. Please sign the petition here. The local Facebook Group is here.  Also contact for more information or to join the email list.

Save the Millhouses Trees

Millhouses is renowned as a leafy suburb.  With over 100 healthy trees to be felled imminently, will we still be able to say that by the end of this year? Please sign the petition here.  The local Facebook Group is here.

Save the Trees of Firth Park

This group is designed to help the healthy street trees of Firthpark that are at risk from felling. The local Facebook Group is here.

Save the Burngreave and Pitsmoor Trees

This is a tree action group aimed at helping co-ordinate actions to protect our healthy trees in Pitsmoor and Burngreave, working in conjunction with other groups across the city. The local Facebook Group is here.