STAG would like to take this opportunity to thank both local and national media for their ongoing support. Here are some of the key articles.

Apr 12th 2017 – Facebook – Open Letter to Sheffield City Council Ruling Labour Group – Time To Talk About The Trees

Apr 11th 2017 – Twitter – Save Sheffield Trees Thunderclap

Mar 23rd 2017 – Sheffield Telegraph – Tree Campaigners to sue police over arrests

Mar 22nd 2017 – Sheffield Tree report by qualified Aborist Ian Dalton

Mar 14th 2017 – Sheffield Star – Police won’t use Trade Union Laws against Tree Protesters

Mar 6th 2017 – Sheffieldl Telegraph – Tree Charity will not work with Council until felling stopped

Feb 25th 2017 – Channel 4 – Sheffield’s felled trees

Jan 26th 2017 – The Guardian – Case Against Sheffield Tree Protestors Is Dropped

Jan 23rd 2017 – The Guardian – Message To The Sheffield Tree Fellers

Jan 20th 2017 – The Guardian – Jarvis Cocker Fronts Campaign To Save Sheffield Trees

The One Show – BBC1 – Coverage Of One Show Coverage Of Tree Campaign

The Star – Sheffield Tree Protestors To wrap Town Hall in Yellow Ribbon In Protest

Jan 2nd 2017 – The Guardian – Tree Protestors Vow to Protect the Jewel In The Crown

Dec 8th 2016 – The Guardian – Council Leader Ignores Calls For Resignation Over 5am Fellings

Dec 1st 2016 – The Guardian – Editorial – Sheffields Trees Decline and Fall

Nov 28th 2016 – The Guardian – Sheffield Trees Dispute Scenes Likened to Putins Russia

The Star – Tree Felling Driven By Amey Profit

The Star – Labour Members Call For Felling Assurances From Councillors

Nov 21st 2016 – The Guardian – Dawn Raid, Dissenters Silenced: Is this a war on trees?

The Star – Protestors Arrested In Tree Felling Night Raid 

The Star – Send In Your Photos For Exhibition January 2017

Oct 12th 2016 – The Guardian – The Importance of the Urban Forest – Why Money Does Grow on Trees

The Star – Are Our Elected Representatives Worthy Of Trust?

BBC News – Elm Tree Makes Tree of The Year Nominations

Aug 4th 2016 – The Guardian – Tree Saving Campaign Focuses On The White Letter Hairstreak Butterfly

The Woodland Trust – Interviews and Information from Elm Tree Event 

All aboard for the Hairstreak Express to High Huntingdon Elm

The Star – Chelsea Road Rare Elm Tree Open Top Bus Event

The Star – Interim Injunction on Felling Lifted

The Independent – Sheffield Tree Felling case Reaches High Court

Daily Mail – Fury after council fells over 3000 trees to save money

BBC News – Tree Felling branded “National Scandal”

The Star – Felling Injunction Granted Pending Judicial Review

Feb 8th 2016 – The Guardian – Democracy Felled

The Star – Axing Trees Is Profit Before Health

BBC Radio 2 –  STAG campaign featured on Jeremy Vine Show

Horticulture Week – Barrell on…Residents let down by tree loss in Sheffield

Jan 11th 2016 – The Guardian – Rare Butterfly under threat as Elms disappear featuring the Nether Edge Elm

The Star -Nether edge residents protest against felling of rare Elm tree

The Sheffield Telegraph – Anger at Sheffield Tree Cull

The Star: Over 500 people attend March Against Tree Felling

BBC Radio 4 You and Yours

The Independent: Sheffield residents in bitter row with council over tree-felling proposals

Aug 15th 2015 – The Guardian: Introducing ‘treeconomics’: how street trees can save our cities

The Star: The great Sheffield chainsaw massacre

The Star: Highway Trees Forum

The Star: Tree campaigners call for urgent action after Sheffield Council chief’s views secretly recorded

The Star: Answers needed on tree felling evidence as Sheffield row grows

The Star: ‘Carnage’ fears as protesters fight felling of more Sheffield trees

Sheffield Hallam University: 6 reasons to stop the ‘Sheffield chainsaw massacre’

Woodland Trust: Sheffield street tree massacre

The Star: 31 Trees on Rivelin Valley Road for the axe

The Star: Toddla T and Coco Save Sheffield Trees video goes viral