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STAG stands for Sheffield Tree Action Groups. STAG operates as an umbrella group to represent all tree groups throughout Sheffield. Its purpose is to lead a city-wide campaign to encourage the local authority to adopt a responsible, sustainable approach to management of the city-wide tree population – the urban forest.
STAG also exists to persuade Sheffield City Council to have a moratorium on all tree planting and felling operations that do not include works to trees that represent, by reason of their condition, a likely, immediate and reasonably foreseeable danger of serious, harm or damage in the near future: “a risk of such immediacy and consequence that urgent action is required” (NTSG, 2011, p. 52). STAG would like such a moratorium to be in place until an adequate tree strategy has been commissioned, draughted in accordance with current arboricultural good practice advice, guidance and recommendations, and until it has been completed, adopted as Council policy, and is ready for implementation. STAG believe that it is necessary that the tree strategy include a sub-strategy specifically for highway trees.

Work to save Sheffield’s mature trees continues. Current actions are stepping up Non-Violent Direct Action, which has had success in saving some trees, and ramping up the media aspect we recently had a feature on BBC documentary “Who’s spending Britains Millions?” and our Chelsea Road Elm has been shortlisted for the The Woodland Trusts Tree Of The Year. The latest raft of survey letters to residents of streets where trees have been targeted for felling has been sent out, and local groups are working hard to raise awareness of the importance of participating in the survey process, and getting trees referred to the Independent Tree Panel. We remain committed to trying to make Sheffield City Council see that the felling of mature trees to make way for roadside works is unnecessary, when they could easily be saved by alternative engineering specifications. Many thanks for your continued support.
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4 days ago

Deerhund Shetty

Most of our HEALTHY street trees currently scheduled for felling due to surface disruption, could be saved for FREE with the following 🙂

1. Installation of thinner profile kerbs
2. Excavation of footways for physical root examination prior to an ultimate decision being made on removal
3. Ramping / Re-profiling of footway levels over roots (within acceptable deviation levels).
4. Flexible paving/ surfacing solution
5. Removal of displaced kerbs leaving a gap in the channel
6. Creation of larger tree pits around existing trees
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

The remaining trees must be saved and the above solutions should be enforced. No tree should be removed for silly excuses. X

Let's remind ourselves of the standard that Sheffield City Council, via its lawyer Mr Caulfield, told the High Court: "The damage must be such that it cannot be rectified by using reasonably practicable engineering solutions such as flexible paving materials, root removal, raising the footpath level or the use of thinner and/or smaller kerbs. "According to Mr Caulfield, a tree would only be identified for removal if there was no alternative to doing so." Yet it appears that perhaps seven or eight out of every ten trees listed for felling do not meet these criteria because surface damage can be rectified using reasonably practicable engineering solutions. Felling those trees is not necessary for the maintenance of the highway and so the only logical conclusion is that they have been wrongly listed for felling. Therefore the fellings must be prevented.

If you have been to court, I would have thought you could take it back to court.

Hi Gary Stevenson Have PM'd you if you could look in your Message request folder if you cant see it - Thank you 🙂

Can you provide any coatings for these solutions in set form I.e - per metre, or per square metre for paving?

Solution No; 5 = £0.00

So who's being the stick in the mud...is it him? bit.ly/2hlR5tD


"The core work of the Institution is supporting and protecting the profession of structural engineering by upholding professional standards"

At last a Stag member that talks sense, instead of bullshitting about the Arborists "bad" practices

The arborists still have a choice Gaylord. They could CHOOSE not to fell valuable, HEALTHY, large crown street trees for no reason whatsoever 🙂

Arborists remove trees every day around the country for all kinds of reasons. Just because you find the justification to fell Sheffield's highway trees unpalatable, does not make the people doing the work morally corrupt.

Tony Bunting "It aint what you do - its the way that you do it" - 'Morally Corrupt' in the way that its like 'I was only following ORDERS!' Arborists remove trees every day all over the WORLD Tony-baby - its "JUST" that here - in the 'Green City' we are trying to defend from the 'ethically corrupt' - there is a mountain of evidential based reasoning and expert Nation & International Ardor's input and Opinion - that indicate SCC has it totally wrong. Which unfortunately reduces the guys doing the work because they have not looked at their Ethical Compass recently - to locusts or leaches. They just looking at their Job Sheet and they ain't doing it for any other reason than to suit themselves. Question - when was the last time YOU were told to fell a 100yrs old London Plane because it was "Senescent"?? and think "OK that a reasonable and logical decision" (hint - trick question duuurah!)

John Ruskin 'Senescence' can be as a result of physiological stress in plants. Not just aging (which I assume your contesting). Leaf cells undergo senescence until they are are finally abscised in autumn. It's not unusual to fell a tree prior to the average life expectancy for the species. Stick a London plane in a plant pot and see how long it survives before it undergoes senescence

Yes - stress brought on by the un-accountable and totally inconsistent judgements dictated by highway engineers governed by accountants - not technically justifiable. So Tony Bunting - and the last time you came across a 100yr old (which is like in its 20's*) London Plane that needed destroying because of it suffering "physiological stress" was.... ? Maybe its just a reaction to the many random & unprofessional judgements that condemn these - in the majority - healthy Street Trees - Ian Dalton if possible would you know of the % fail in London for the 19thC L. Planes you have down there it those harsh Metropolitan conditions? *(Human equivalent - so '20's' that's your "average"?)

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10 hours ago

Nick Howell

Amey would litteraly explode! Carcassonne France. ... See MoreSee Less

Amey would litteraly explode! Carcassonne France.

Comment on Facebook

Yes France is better at looking after their natural assets.

Carcassone is very nice

14 hours ago

Richard Clarke

Hundreds of big healthy trees next to Bayswater Road, Marble Arch, London. Flexible paving around the base. ... See MoreSee Less

Hundreds of big healthy trees next to Bayswater Road, Marble Arch, London.  Flexible paving around the base.

Comment on Facebook

Oh that looks good

^ It does. What a shame our city's outlook is so backward in comparison 🙁 They'll say it's down to ££, but what price cleaner air that saves NHS money, less flooding, less chance of vehicles hitting pedestrians etc etc. All our 'saved' money is now siphoned into Amey's private greasy pockets = Backwards

Is sheffield massivly insured for all the above? I don't know how it works but if this was a private endeavour...

Not rocket science is it?

Scc play the disabled access card but they could quite easily rework the surrounding pavement without felling a tree

I've posted pictures like this on the site before I now live in Kennington, South London and trees here are similar, as they have the flexible surface around the base. When I lived in Sheffield I never saw a tree as big as some that are just around the corner from my flat here I just don't get what is happening in Sheffield now

Scotch Mist in Sheffield.

Yap - Ask Head of Highways Steve Robinson - according to him (HTAF2 - 15th Sept 2015) its Highway Engineering Solution No. 4 and FULLY costed as part of his £2.2b Streets Ahead program that he is in charge of ....(not the Politicians nor Amey as they would try & have try & have you believe)

And no litter or tree debris lying about and blocking gulleys, joyous!

If they can do it in London, Sydney and Melbourne why the fk can't they do it in Sheffield...

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14 hours ago

Lisa Cocker

Amey identified trees to be chopped several have roosting bats at wits end ... See MoreSee Less

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From the Bat Conservation Trust : In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. This means you will be committing a criminal offence if you: Deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats Damage or destroy a bat roosting place (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time) Possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat Intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost

Please keep an eye on it and call the police if you see any felling about to take place, explaining that a wildlife crime is about to take place. Also contact the bat conservation Trust on 0345 1300 228

I've messaged South Yorkshire Bat Group no joy so far

And report the trees to Streets Ahead, so that , hopefully, they will leave them alone.

OK thanks

What rd is this?

Have you been able to contact the BCT?

Photos as well? They are already cutting trees with nests

Can anyone tag Nicky Rivers or otherwise draw her attention to this?

SYP have a designated WildLife Officer allocated to wildlife crimes, presuming they are not felling today as it's the weekend? If you do see felling about to take place, ask the arbs to produce the licence they should have in order to destroy a bat roost.

Apparently it's crucial that there's an actual roost in the tree, not just evidence of bats visiting. We've tried in S17 to research this several times and find that get lots of written info but it's proof of a roost that's needed.

Can you add anything Belinda Wiggs ?

Tom Goose?

Hi Lisa Cocker, I've just finished making some bat posters to go on the SNET website, link here if you want to print some off savenetheredgetrees.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/bat-roost-do-not-disturb-poster.pdf

Also some information about the law protecting bats AND their roosts even if they are not being actively used: savenetheredgetrees.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/nests-roosts-info.pdf

Is it possible to argue that all this tree removal is leading less diverse communities of saproxylic beetles which would be contrary to the councils halt biodiversity loss by 2020? I am not an expert or anything on the subject but there some rare species of these beetles.

I think someone wanted to bump this up the page.

Contact Sheffiled bat group and the Wildlife policeman.

No Sheffield group as far as I can see ...I've contacted SY group as for Wildlife officer I reported Badger and fox trapping 18 months ago no action

Hope this isn't an incorrect assessment and I'm happy to stand corrected but my impression, gained over several months of involvement in the campaign, is that some of groups/societies that might be able to assist on bats etc are reluctant to get involved with the street trees. Please do prove me wrong, would like nothing better!

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4 hours ago

Simon Crump

Tree hugging slags.
That's what they call us!
We socialise to organise.
We will be out on Monday.
See you there peeps.
... See MoreSee Less

Tree hugging slags.
Thats what they call us!
We socialise to organise.
We will be out on Monday.
See you there peeps.

1 day ago

Celia Pinnington

Thanks to everyone who came to help Thorpe House Rise and Hollythorpe Crescent. It's so good when friends arrive xx ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Thanks too. Was very upsetting to be trapped in my house. Silly guy round the corner saying he was glad his tree was going because they drop so many leaves. I told him thats what trees do and I need trees for the shade as have bad chest and can't deal with high temperatures. BBC got all that.

Thank you to everyone that went. Well done to the tree protectors!

Stalwart defending in Gleadless! Thanks to all.

Several marked here on Hollythorpe rise contacted Bat Protection as may be roosts

There is a very rare bat in the area. Unique to the area I believe.

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