STAG stands for Sheffield Tree Action Groups. STAG operates as an umbrella group to represent all tree groups throughout Sheffield. Its purpose is to lead a city-wide campaign to encourage the local authority to adopt a responsible, sustainable approach to management of the city-wide tree population – the urban forest.

STAG also exists to persuade Sheffield City Council to have a moratorium on all tree planting and felling operations that do not include works to trees that represent, by reason of their condition, a likely, immediate and reasonably foreseeable danger of serious, harm or damage in the near future: “a risk of such immediacy and consequence that urgent action is required” (NTSG, 2011, p. 52). STAG would like such a moratorium to be in place until an adequate tree strategy has been commissioned, draughted in accordance with current arboricultural good practice advice, guidance and recommendations, and until it has been completed, adopted as Council policy, and is ready for implementation. STAG believe that it is necessary that the tree strategy include a sub-strategy specifically for highway trees.


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We tried all channels open to us to get a dialogue going with Sheffield City Council, but they’re still not listening to us. As a last resort, Dave Dillner took legal action against Sheffield City Council. The case went to the High Court London in March. We are still waiting for the judgement to be handed down but sadly, the day after the hearing the injunction on felling was lifted. We are stretching the crowd funding to £21,000 to cover any upcoming legal costs. If you can offer any support please donate here. Many thanks. Pledge now

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